#1 Best Inspiring Meeting Rooms Table and Chairs Ideas 2018

Inspiring Meeting Rooms – An inspiring, stimulating meeting room is the very first step towards creative and productive meetings. Unconventional design, surprising features, breathtaking views – these can all combine to make you think in different, innovative ways.

Here are five outstanding and inspiring meeting rooms in London, and they’re all available to for you to book through Hire Space.

In the past, there’s been an air of hushed seriousness and opaqueness attached to the image of the conference room. But nowadays, with the disruptive mindset unique to startups, the rulebook on what a conference room “should be” has been tossed out the window.

Many companies have realized all that a conference room truly needs is to have common space for collaboration, and how you achieve that is entirely up to you.

At Highfive we like to inspire and discuss the new way to work, which is why we created a list of five conference rooms we love.

While these five conference rooms are very different from each other, they do have a few common tendencies, such as a view, the use of surprising objects or materials, bright colors, a high degree of mobility, accommodating and welcoming to multiple work styles (group or individual, impromptu or planned, in-person or web conferencing), and a bent toward transparency (often literally), personality, playfulness, and unconventionality. See for yourself!

The Best Inspiring Meeting Rooms In The World 2018

#1 Meeting Rooms With 58VE Concept

50+ Miraculous trendy meeting rooms london #inspiringmeetingrooms

This venue was launched at the end of 2016 and it’s pretty darn beautiful. The sixth level is dedicated to meeting spaces for up to 40 people. They’re modern and filled with light courtesy of the glass walls and open layout.

But, the real showstopping part of this venue? The view. What better to get your creative energy sparking than views over the Thames and London’s most iconic landmarks? There’s also a terrace that is just perfect for celebrating a productive day out of the office.

#2 Meeting Rooms With MeWe360 Concept

50+ Staggering cheap meeting rooms london #meetingroomsideas

MeWe360 aren’t just a company that runs one of London’s most expert meeting rooms. They’re a movement:

‘We set out to empower creative entrepreneurs to fully realise their ambitions and help turn ideas or existing ventures into sustainable thriving businesses.’

They understand the key role a meeting room can play in the development of a business. Mundane meeting rooms will only encourage mundane ideas. And MeWe360 is anything but mundane.

It’s full of sofas, a kitchen, and fresh, natural light. It overlooks ‘Golden Square’, which is every bit as brilliant as it sounds. And it sparks with the entrepreneurial atmosphere that every business needs.

#3 Meeting Rooms at Hoxton Hotel Holborn

50+ Terrific unusual meeting rooms london #meetingroomsdesigns

When you step into what’s known as ‘The Apartment’, you can imagine Don Draper, whisky in hand, deep in thought, sinking into one of the polished mahogany meeting chairs. It’s exactly where Don would have worked had he been in 21st Century London.

That’s largely because this is a meeting room with a bar. A fully stocked, beautiful bar

Smooth, elegant, polished wood combines with bar stools, presentation facilities and impressive boardroom tables.

It’s a match made in Holborn.

#4 The Court Room at The HAC

50+ Wonderful creative meeting room design #meetingroomsdesign

Order! Order! For the crime of uninspired meeting rooms, I sentence you to the elegance and grandeur of the Courtroom at the HAC. This meeting space features classic wood panel decor and feature pieces including a sixteenth century suit of tilting armour.

#5 Meeting Rooms With Asana Concept

50+ Eye-opening meeting room interior design ideas #meetingroomsunique
source : highfive.com

Asana goes for a light, airy, open, and simplistic feel, encapsulating their mission to simplify the enterprise. With a panoramic view of the San Francisco skyline, the abundance of windows means inspiration is never hard to come by. Toys standing by, such as a telescope and exercise ball are perfect for those who want to spend some quiet time playing and pondering.

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#6 Meeting Rooms With Google Concept

50+ Delight meeting room design concept #meetingroomsdesign2018
source : highfive.com

Google, whether it’s their flagship office in Mountain View or their office in Tokyo, pretty much always takes the cake in terms of creative workspaces. The elevation of this space makes it unusual, but gives it an air of privacy as well as providing two different kinds of views, inside and out. The surrounding astroturf is a very simple, surprising, and delightful way to change this space up, and gives it a natural, oasis-like feel.

#7 Meeting Rooms With Skype Concept

50+ Astonishing interior design meeting room #inspiringmeetingrooms
source : highfive.com

In this example, Skype has no shortage of ways to hold a meeting (impromptu or not). A scattering of small tables makes it very easy to pull up a chair and join the conversation you’re walking by, while the circular couches might be more comfortable for planned-out meetings. The beanbag chairs and wooden bleacher-style seating in the background are another option which add a light, inclusive vibe.

#8 Meeting Rooms With Square

50+ Brilliant meeting room wall design #meetingroomsideas
source : highfive.com

Square’s open, spacious, 3-sided workspaces means there is a high degree of transparency and makes it effortless for others to pop by or join in from the nearby workstations. The padded walls, ceilings, and seats help to reduce noise pollution and increase the comfort, and are ideal for both alone time and for groups.

#9 Red Bull Office Concept

50+ Awesome innovative meeting room design #meetingroomsdesigns
source : homedit.com

The employees at the Red Bull office in Mexico City give meeting an informal feel. Their meeting area has swings and bean bag chairs and is defined by a faux grass carpet. This is actually a very refreshing spot, connected to the rest of the work spaces and also great when used as a hang out area. This playful meeting space was designed by SPACE.

#10 Resignation Media

50+ Spectacular creative meeting rooms london #meetingroomsdesign
source : homedit.com

Some office meeting rooms can look cheerful without needing any unconventional features. Such is the case of the Resignation Media office by Chioco Design. The office is located in Austin, Texas and, after a complete building renovation, includes a bright and open meeting area centered around a long table surrounded by stylish armchairs of different colors.

#11 Zamness office Meeting Rooms

50+ Marvelous funky meeting rooms london #meetingroomsunique
source : homedit.com

The Zamness office in Barcelona occupies an area of 300 square meters and is mostly designed as an open space. The glazed facade fills all the areas with natural light creating a bright and suitable work environment. Yellow was chosen at an accent color. You can see it on some of the walls in the meeting room where it emphasizes the bold nature of the décor. The design was a project by Nook Architects.

#12 Airbnb Meeting Rooms

50+ Unbelievable inspiring meeting rooms #meetingroomsdesign2018
source : homedit.com

When designing the Airbnb offices in Dublin, architect Henegan Peng chose to organize the space into several different nooks and pods. The individual pods which are used as meeting rooms were designed to incorporate all sorts of interesting features from around the world. They each have glass walls on two sides, this connecting them to the rest of the office.

#13 Fairphone Head Office

50+ Breathtaking meeting room colors #inspiringmeetingrooms
source : homedit.com

Sustainability is very important for Fairphone company, their head office in Amsterdam was a project by Melinda Delst Interior Design and definitely reflects this detail. Covering a surface of 1300 square meters, the office offers beautiful views, has an open plan and features a variety of recycled and environmentally friendly materials. Reclaimed wood and glass, for example, form the cube-shaped meeting area.

#14 Autogasco Headquarters Rooms

50+ Excited cool meeting room design #meetingroomsideas
source : liquid.id

An eye-catching design can be achieved using very simple strategies. The Autogasco Headquarters by Nicolas Maino Gaete is located in Chile incorporates a metal and glass meeting area designed as a separate volume inside the open plan. The glass walls are decorated with a random geometric pattern of intersecting lines.

#15 Autodesk Meeting Rooms Ideas

50+ Remarkable small meeting room decorating ideas #meetingroomsdesigns
source : liquid.id

The main piece of furniture inside the meeting room of Autodesk’s Pier 9 Workshop in San Francisco is a custom made table with a metal frame which also incorporates six chairs. The rounded base allows this whole piece to be used as a large swing. This unusual idea was applied here by Lundberg Design.

#16 Meeting Rooms With Fifty Three Inc Concept

50+ Fantastic inspiring team meetings #meetingroomsdesign
source : liquid.id

The meeting room is a space where creativity and inspiration should take over, a space where new ideas are born and where concepts come to reality. The design and décor of this space should all of that possible and natural. The Fifty Three office in New York by +ADD uses walnut wood, blackened steel and concrete, a combination which seems to work in this case. The meeting room also has long curtains able to provide privacy when needed.

#17 Yandex Meeting Rooms

50+ Unique best meeting room design #meetingroomsunique
source : liquid.id

The largest It company Yandex has a representative office in Kazan. Situated on the 16th floor of the Suvar Plaza business center, the office is divided into a series of functional zones including separate work areas, a lecture hall as well as two meeting rooms. A meeting nook can serve as a private relaxation nook thanks to its pleasant and fresh design.

#18 Guards Room

50+ Sensational creative meeting room ideas #meetingroomsdesign2018
source : www.albushotel.com

Charming meeting room with a round table and small sitting area. This room also lends itself well to a business lunch or dinner. This room is also available per hour.

#19 Upper Rooms

50+ Extraordinary meeting room rental singapore #inspiringmeetingrooms
source : www.albushotel.com

The Upper Room overlooks the canal house garden. This space is ideal for small meetings, workshops or training sessions. This room is also available per hour.

#20 Vaudeville Library

50+ Uplifting creative meeting room #meetingroomsideas
source : www.albushotel.com

The perfect setting for smaller meetings. The room has a separate sitting room and meeting room. Moreover, it is also very suitable as a break-out room at the Vaudeville Theatre.

#21 Bar de Bary

50+ Life-changing inspiring colors for office #meetingroomsdesigns
source : www.albushotel.com

The Bar is perfect for a get-together after the work is done or for an aperitif.

#22 Green Room

50+ Unbeatable meeting room office #meetingroomsdesign
source : www.albushotel.com

Classic style room overlooking the Herengracht canal, decorated with designer furnishings. Suitable for larger meetings, lectures, dinners and other social events.

Conscious Meeting Rooms

Inspiring and sustainable meeting rooms in Amsterdam where organic ideas grow. We offer space for events, workshops, trainings and meetings. Our welcoming staff, state-of-the-art equipment, mouthwatering lunches and dinners plus a few creative options will help make your event a success.

#23 The Wubbo

50+ Striking meeting room interior design #meetingroomsunique
source : www.conscioushotels.com

Perfect for those who are up for the challenge of filling a 16m x 3m magnetic whiteboard.

#24 The Vondel Meeting Rooms

50+ Wondrous high tech meeting rooms #meetingroomsdesign2018
source : www.conscioushotels.com

Named after the famous Dutch poet Joost van Vondel, this meeting room can only be inspiring.

#25 The Office

50+ Perfect meeting room decoration ideas #inspiringmeetingrooms
source : www.conscioushotels.com

This used to be the office of our CEO so don’t be alarmed if a bewildered but important man interrupts your meeting to ask what you are doing in his office.

#26 King Arthur Swing Table

50+ Epic innovative meeting rooms #meetingroomsideas
source : weemss.com

Meetings or dinners can become a fun and inspiring experience by adding a playful design element.

Design: Duffy London
Photo: Tom Oxley Photography

#27 De-dimension

50+ Phenomenal meeting room themes #meetingroomsdesigns
source : weemss.com

These designs have a visual effect on flat planes and can be unfolded into real-life furniture pieces suitable for impromptu meetings at conferences and trade shows.

Design: Jongha Choi

#28 Gaia Concept

50+ Amazing meeting rooms victoria #meetingroomsdesign
source : weemss.com

Gaia is transforming the traditional cubicle into a roundabout for individual working space or group meetings.

Design team: David Bruer, Alexander Littorin, Filip Sundblad, Vanessa Bui & Johan Netzler

#29 Modular Sofa

50+ Unforgettable small meeting room design #meetingroomsunique
source : weemss.com

Referring to the Danish word for island, this 3-piece modular set can accommodate both socialising and collaborative work in informal meeting spaces.

Design: Kilo Design for +Halle

#30 The Brain Cube

50+ Glorious meeting rooms soho #meetingroomsdesign2018
source : weemss.com

This collaborative set includes five different seat designs symbolising different individualities and different points of view.

Design: Svilen Gamolov, Volen Valentinov & Irena Pamukova

Inspiring Meeting Rooms

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