#1 Bathroom and Shower Designs Ideas 2018

Bathroom and Shower Design – Bathrooms are tricky things to design, especially when you’re looking at your master bath. The goal is ultimate relaxation with productivity thrown in. So you start your list of must haves before you even choose the tile; toilet for necessity, double sink for convenience, bath for relaxation, but what about the shower? It would be easier on the budget and the space to double it up with the tub but that makes your choices rather limited. After that, does your mind automatically wander to the walk in shower designs?

Don’t throw out the option because, while you may have to do a little finagling in your floor plan to make it fit, you will definitely benefit from having your tub and shower separate. Take a look at these 10 walk in shower designs to upgrade your bathroom.

#1 What Makes a Beautiful Bathroom and Shower Design?

50+ Miraculous all tile shower designs #bathroomideas
source : www.thespruce.com

Showers don’t have to be boring and clinical. Even in small spaces, you can design beautiful showers for a refreshing daily experience. From traditional to modern, using rough stone or sleek tile, showers can adapt to any style.

What constitutes “beautiful” is really up to the eye of the beholder. But in general, a sense of balance, plenty of light, design elements like contrasting lines and different tile patterns, and well-chosen accessories all contribute to beautiful shower spaces.

Have a look at these inspiring, beautiful shower designs that demonstrate the amazing possibilities of this underestimated space.

#2 Seamless Bathroom and Shower Design

40+ Staggering combined bath and shower designs #Shower
source : www.thespruce.com

This seamless, neutral shower by Sisters In Sync Design, via Houzz, is a wonderful example of how you can integrate your shower space with the rest of the bathroom.

The tile extends outside of the shower area to present a seamless look, and the bleached wood bench adds a touch of beachside comfort.

#3 Steel-Framed Bathroom and Shower Enclosure

50+ Terrific bathroom shower designs with price #designs
source : www.thespruce.com

If you want to bring attention to your shower space, these industrial-style steel-framed glass walls are just perfect. This trend is definitely making waves and this custom design by Smith Hanes shows you how this could look.

The contrast of black and white is definitely a theme here, and something you might want to explore in your own design.

#4 Shower Design With Large Windows

50+ Wonderful full tile shower designs #bathroomideas
source : www.thespruce.com

Take advantage of the natural light with this shower set to a wall with large windows that still let in light but are frosted for privacy. Note the rain shower head and the plant and bench within the wet area.

The marble used by architect John Maniscalco gives this bathroom both elegance and a traditional look with a touch of minimalist inspiration.

#5 Space Capsule Bathroom and Shower Design

50+ Eye-opening built shower designs #Shower
source : www.thespruce.com

If your tastes are more futuristic, then maybe this original shower design will inspire you. Note how the space is defined not only by the curved walls but also by the smaller cut of the tile within the wet area. The multicolored, iridescent tile makes you feel like an astronaut!

This shower by LAIR Architectural, via Houzz, is definitely among the most original and memorable designs out there.

#6 Bathroom and Shower Accessories

50+ Delight small bathroom and shower designs #designs
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This art deco bathroom has inset doors and handmade subway tile on the walls of the shower. The entire room serves as a shower floor, with blue and green tiles. Clear-glass shower deflectors contribute to the clean and open composition of the room. The built-in vanity and tall cabinet ensure personal care.

#7 Bathroom and Shower Direct

50+ Astonishing pictures of walk in shower designs #bathroomideas
source : www.hgtv.com

Designer, Vanessa DeLeon, uses textures and pattern to add visual interest to this modern guest bathroom. Clean lines of the fixtures allow the tile work and wood tones to become the focal point of space.

#8 Bathroom and Shower Curtains

50+ Brilliant modern stand up shower designs #Shower
source : www.hgtv.com

The all glass and tile shower was designed to maximize the square footage of the shower. A tile bench was installed to provide a seating area with a rainfall shower head in the shower ceiling.

#9 Luxury Bathroom and Shower Design 2018

50+ Awesome great shower designs #designs
source : www.hgtv.com

Glass shower doors create a streamlined look for this master bathroom. Recessed lights reflect off of glass doors and the shower floor is lined with small ceramic tile. White cabinets contrast nicely with wood floor.

#10 Bathroom and Shower Design at the Hotel

50+ Spectacular bathroom shower designs without doors #bathroomideas
source : www.hgtv.com

A large glass-enclosed shower adds depth to this room, making the space appear wider. Sleek black cabinetry with slim silver hardware creates a smooth design. A metallic-framed mirror pops against the white walls and countertops, adding an exclamation to this tranquil design.

#11 Bathroom and Shower Design Tile Ideas

50+ Marvelous new bathroom shower designs #Shower
source : www.homedit.com

You have to admit, a walk in shower is just a spa feeling feature in any bathroom. It speaks to your grown up soul to take your time under the waterfall showerhead. Or at least it should because isn’t that what we all want our bathrooms to feel like?

#12 Bathroom and Shower Design Faucets

50+ Unbelievable latest shower designs #designs
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Remember that decision to have a double vanity for convenience? Well, a walk in shower gives you the opportunity for double shower heads. That means you and your significant other can get ready for work at your own pace and no one is waiting for water.

#13 Bathroom and Shower Decoration


50+ Breathtaking step in shower designs #bathroomideas
source : www.homedit.com

Maybe you’re sitting there shaking your head, thinking that your bathroom is too small. On the contrary! A walk in shower gives your bathroom the illusion of more space due to its open glass doors. You can see from wall to wall unlike showers that require a curtain.

#14 Bathroom and Shower Decorating Ideas

50+ Excited latest bathroom shower designs #Shower
source : www.homedit.com

Speaking of small bathrooms, walk in showers are the perfect solution for those odd corners under the eaves of your attic bathroom. Since glass and tile are easily customized, you won’t pay as much of your budget for a shower that fits perfectly.

Small bathrooms may seem like a difficult design task to take on; however, these spaces may introduce a clever design challenge to add to your plate. Creating a functional and storage-friendly bathroom may be just what your home needs.

Every design element in a small bathroom should have a purpose and be functional in some way or another to create a space-saving sanctuary. Before you dive in, if you are looking for space-saving furniture ideas, be sure to check out our top products for small bathrooms.


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