#1 Awesome Balinese Patio Design Ideas Furniture For Your Backyard

Balinese Patio Design Ideas – If you have been following our showcase of the Balinesehome design style, you are missing one thing in your backyard or garden and that is an irresistible Balinese patio setup that will open up lots of new possible activities in your outdoor areas. Some of it include the ability to have breakfast, dinner or lunch on open air as well as reading a book while enjoying the weather.

But just think about what else you can do. You can host the best outdoor summer party with your friends or you can simply move out and live outside for as long as the weather conditions will allow.

Welcome to a new collection of outdoor designs in which we have featured 30 Irresistible Balinese Patio Designs For Your Backyard. This collection is going to fill in the blank space in our showcase of the Balinese style which consists of pretty much all interior designs that can be found in a Balinese home as well as outdoor designs such as the balinese entrance, porch, deck and landscape. With the designs that we are going to show you in this collection, we want to help you get inspired by creative and motivational ideas. Enjoy!

#1. Chen Residence

50+ Miraculous patio bali #balinesepatio
source : http://www.architectureartdesigns.com

#2. Buderim Balinese renovation

50+ Staggering bali style patio furniture #balinesepatiodesign

#3. Zen Inspired Garden, Bradley Stoke

50+ Terrific balinese garden ornaments #balinesebackyardideaspatio

#4. Simple Balinese Patio

50+ Wonderful balinese garden decor #balinesepatio

#5. Architectural Photography Patio

50+ Eye-opening balinese wooden bench #balinesepatiodesign
source : homedesignlover.com

That wall sculpture in this garden became the focal point of the area as it set a dining table and chairs for outdoor dining and bonding. abrechtphoto.com

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#6. St. Croix Residence Patio Design

50+ Delight backyard balinese garden #balinesebackyardideaspatio
source : homedesignlover.com

This small patio has a garden that will make one feel relaxed because of its Zen feel. Diva Interior Concepts

#7. Balinese Patio : Greg Norman Drive

50+ Astonishing balinese bench seat #balinesepatio
source : homedesignlover.com

Playful and sophisticated combination of lines and patterns is seen in this patio. The varying sizes of the wood mimics the look of a bamboo.

#8. Poolside Pavilion Design

50+ Brilliant balinese garden sculpture #balinesepatiodesign
source : homedesignlover.com

This is just one part of the patio. It is actually surrounded by many seating areas and a lovely lawn too.

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#9. Modern Balinese Patio Design

50+ Awesome balinese mirrors online #balinesebackyardideaspatio
source : www.designtrends.com

In this example, you will particularly notice how indoor elements have been excitingly blended into the natural environment. Wooden decks and earthy furniture both provide a subtle look and a unique space for recluse. Whether it’s a private party or just a romantic gossip, this is the perfect space for it.

#10. Balinese Style Wooden Patio

50+ Spectacular balinese patio design #balinesepatio
source : www.designtrends.com

Now, this is really an elaborate but unique way to create a patio space. It will be a perfect idea if you don’t have too much of an outdoor space but are willing to make things extravagant. The wooden deck covers most of the garden space and the remaining area is allotted to water channels and small bushes. Put on some chairs or just lie down on the floorboards! Even your kids and pets will love this setting.

#11. Balinese Patio Furniture Design Idea

50+ Marvelous balinese umbrellas parasols #balinesepatiodesign
source : www.designtrends.com

Patios are supposed to be natural retreats that provide the comforts of the indoors but bring along a rustic charm to it. Well, this is best complimented by furniture made of natural materials. Wooden chairs and stone tables would be a perfect combination. You can also choose textiles that portray an earthly charm.

#12. Traditional Asian Patio Idea

50+ Unbelievable bali style patio #balinesebackyardideaspatio
source : www.designtrends.com

Asian patio designs always have a rustic charm to them. If you are looking to achieve a traditional setting, use a lot of natural elements and minimalistic décor to spice up the space. You might even want to create water bodies and similar natural landscapes around.

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#13. Balinese Patio Design 2018-2019

50+ Breathtaking balinese outdoor #balinesepatio
source : www.designtrends.com

We certainly hope that these examples have been able to give you new ideas and cues about your own patio space. Be it a contemporary patio or a traditional stone patio design, the basic idea lies in creating a private setting. Do share what you finally achieve.

#14. Modern Urban Patio

50+ Excited balinese umbrella stand #balinesepatiodesign
source : http://www.lonny.com
Two sun loungers on a balcony with modern planters.

#15. Contemporary Mediterranean Patio

50+ Remarkable balinese style cabinet #balinesebackyardideaspatio
source : http://www.lonny.com
Table and chairs on a balcony overlooking a harbor.

#16. Contemporary Patio

50+ Fantastic balinese patio #balinesepatio
source : http://www.lonny.com
A table set for breakfast on a balcony overlooking a garden.

#17. White Modern Patio Overlooking Pool

50+ Unique balinese table top umbrellas #balinesepatiodesign
source : http://www.lonny.com
The exterior of a single-story house with a swimming pool.

#18. Multi-Level Patio with Water Feature

50+ Sensational balinese furniture imports #balinesebackyardideaspatio

A backyard waterfall and stream will add beauty and peaceful sounds to your patio. In addition to a water feature, this multi-level poured-concrete patio from Goodmanson Construction has plenty of low-maintenance landscaping to add splashes of color.

Photo: Courtesy of Goodmanson Construction

#19. Poolside Patio with Pergola

50+ Extraordinary indonesian patio umbrellas #balinesepatio

Build a pergola to add some shade to your backyard patio. This poolside patio from Reynolds-Sebastiani Design Services offers plenty of space to relax, along with a separate area for dining.

Photo: Courtesy of Reynolds-Sebastiani Design Services

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#20. Patio Kitchen with Pergola

50+ Uplifting balinese garden umbrella #balinesepatiodesign

This outdoor kitchen by Design Builders will inspire any home cook to ditch their indoor kitchen when the weather’s nice. For a smaller-scale outdoor kitchen, one of our readers built a patio featuring an open-fire brick barbecue bar.

Photo: Courtesy of Design Builders

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