#10 Top Backyard Design Ideas Photos Austin Tx

Backyard Design Austin Tx – Professional landscaping anchors a house to the site, connects it with the environment and creates a welcoming entrance to a home. A landscape architect or designer works with living plants as well as building materials to design for future growth and maintenance as well as the present visual appeal. Landscape architecture is very regional, so look for a landscape designer in Austin that’s familiar with the local climate and plant types that do well there.

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A simple drive through any part of Austin will prove a couple things. First, the people are refreshingly weird. Second, the aroma of food trucks is positively delectable. And third, Austin homeowners care about their lawns. In fact, some of the best landscaping we’ve seen in the country has been in Austin, Round Rock, or Steiner Ranch.

We wanted to highlight some of the absolute best landscape designs in Austin. So we took to Houzz and did a little research. The product of that research is here, so enjoy 7 of the coolest landscape designs in Austin, TX:

#1 Cozy Daybed

source : www.housebeautiful.com

This restful spot outside a Los Angeles home looks even more inviting thanks to a seat cushion in Great Outdoors’ Fresh Canvas and vintage pillows. All that’s missing is a good book.

#2 English Garden

source: www.housebeautiful.com

Designer Podge Bune went with traditional roses and hedges for her Hamptons cottage, but didn’t worry about a color scheme. “I thought, ‘Well, let’s just have a riot,'” she says. “I’m so bored with all white.”

#3 Stone Fountain

source : www.housebeautiful.com

Wendy Owen used local fieldstone and water channels to create a scenic fountain on her Sonoma property. She took inspiration from historic structures in Provence.

#4 Garden Shed

source : www.housebeautiful.com

Rebecca Vizard used a post office in Seaside, Florida, as the model for her petite garden shed. The spruce-colored fence is stained Sherwin-Williams’s Shade Tree.

#5 Outdoor Shower

source : www.housebeautiful.com

“Washing off the vineyard dust in an outdoor shower is a special treat for everyone, including the golden retrievers,” says designer Rela Gleason of this clever space outside a Sonoma home.

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#6 Tropicali

source : www.sunset.com
  • Design: Davis Dalbok and Brandon Pruett, Living Green Design; livinggreen.com.

Dripping with tropical foliage and hot-colored flowers, this garden transports visitors to Bali and encourages them to linger.

#7 Geometry lesson

source : www.sunset.com

Many gardens are viewed from above only during the planning process—as a drawing on paper. But when landscape architect Mark Tessier designed this front yard in Manhattan Beach, CA, he had both the bird’s-eye view and the eye-level one in mind. “I wanted the clients to enjoy the garden as much from the windows upstairs as they would from the ground,” he says.

From above, the 720-square-foot garden has a Tetris-like geometry. Ipe wood insets are placed throughout the yard; “when you walk on them, you get a great click-clack sound underfoot—just like on a boardwalk,” says Tessier.

#8 Desert modern

source : www.sunset.com

This chic low-water oasis complete with a hanging macramé chair, tiled outdoor shower, and dozens of potted cacti feels like the perfect place to end the day with a cold drink.

Design: Johanna Silver, Sunset associate garden editor, and Lauren Hoang, Sunset garden design assistant.

#9 Coastal vibe

source : www.sunset.com

You don’t have to face the ocean to create a coastal vibe. Bob and Cary Woll’s backyard in Los Osos, California, is proof: Even though the deck doesn’t share the bay and dune views that the front of the house has, the firepit in the corner, reminiscent of beach campfires, echoes the seaside boardwalk ambience, as does the billowy landscaping that evokes grass-covered sand dunes. But the deck isn’t just about a romantic mood—function was built into every inch.

The small space, designed by Jeffrey Gordon Smith (jgsdesigns.com), is as inviting for two as it is for a crowd; the Wolls have entertained as many as two dozen guests, comfortably, on the deck.

#10 Gather around a firepit wall

source : www.sunset.com

Overlapping panels of ipe wood and colored concrete flank the firepit in this backyard in Los Altos Hills, California. Stone veneer forms a chimneylike background for the flames, creating a classic focal point for this true outdoor living room.

Plant living torches. Golden flower plumes of Miscanthus sinensis shimmer and sway over grassy leaves.

Add shadow casters. Small well lights positioned close to the dark walls create contrasting pools of warm light.

Light open flames. A firepit fueled by natural gas is the patio’s irresistible centerpiece.

Design: Kate Stickley and Natasha Libina, Arterra Landscape Architects, San Francisco (arterrallp.com)

#11 Gardens: Totally Organic Experiences

source : www.hgtv.com

Gardens are among the most sought-after outdoor design elements, and its easy to see why. Gardens are easily customizable to fit every design style and preference from zen, Asian-inspired to romantic English countryside. People are also opting for fruit and vegetable gardens now that organic produce is in high-demand.

#12 Fire Pits: Burning Up the Charts

source : www.hgtv.com

Fire pits — they’re so hot right now. Adaptable to any space, small or large, these firey outdoor features add a cozy element to any outdoor area. Tabletop fire pits are especially popular due to their small-space friendly design.

#13 Hardscapes: A Lush Landscape’s Perfect Partner

source : www.hgtv.com

Homeowners and landscaping experts agree: work one or more of the types of hardscape into your backyard for a professionally planned look. Stacked stone retaining walls, paver patios and meandering pathways are just a few of the hottest hardscapes to try.

#14 Outdoor Dining Areas : Alfresco, Elevated

source : www.hgtv.com

Dining areas are a must-have outdoor living feature. After all, everything tastes better when enjoyed in the great outdoors. To ensure maximum comfort, choose comfortable chairs with durable cushions so dinner guests will linger for cocktails and conversation.

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