#1 Best Example of a Brochure for Business Marketing Inspiration

Example of a Brochure for Business – Thankfully marketing brochures are extremely flexible, easy to design, and can be used about anywhere. Present them after warming up your leads, and your marketing content is bound to convert.

Honestly, they are one of a few digital graphics that look just as incredible in print as they do on a computer screen. Plus you really don’t have to do much extra work. And a well-designed marketing brochure helps your company project a consistent visual brand to every customer.

No matter if your brochure is viewed on a computer screen, or at a bake sale it will look amazing. All this sounds great, but I’m guessing you’re not sure where to start?

Best Example of a Brochure for Business 2018

Well, this is your lucky day, because you can find 25+ marketing brochure examples, templates, and tips below. So let’s get started!

#1. Mix bold fonts with even bolder colors

50+ Miraculous interesting brochure designs #brochureforbusiness
source : venngage.com

One of the biggest graphic design trends this year is the use of bold colors and fonts. This is probably because people are getting tired of minimalist designs, and are looking for something more colorful.

Brands are starting to use extremely bold colors and fonts to stand above other content, like in the marketing brochure example for EPIC. There’s no way that you could avoid opening this brochure to learn more. I know I wouldn’t be able to!

#2. Example of a Brochure for Business with a compelling data viz

40+ Staggering art brochure design #brochureideas
source : venngage.com

There isn’t a ton of space for content on a typical brochure, so you need to make it count. Instead of turning your brochure into the next great novel, show information in a concise and engaging way by using data visualizations.

Even a simple data visualization can tell a large story about your brand.

In this marketing brochure template, they use pictographs to make an impactful statement about how important the flu vaccine is. Plus, people read and remember impactful images at a much higher rate than simple text or facts.

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#3. Simple Example of a Brochure for Business

50+ Terrific best product brochure design #brochuredesigns
source : venngage.com

This graphic is probably one of my favorite marketing brochure examples in the whole collection. It masterfully blends the topic into the core design of the brochure, without being too brash.

For example, the shapes used throughout the sections are actually piano keys and flute holes, reflecting the topic of the brochure perfectly.

#4. Show off brands or clients that you work with as a form of social proof

50+ Wonderful information brochure design #brochurecompany
source : venngage.com

On almost every website there’s a dedicated section that outlines the clients or companies that specific brand works with. There’s even a section like that on the Venngage homepage, and I know we aren’t alone.

I think these sections really help show off that the brand is working with the right companies or trusted brands, which usually puts the customer at ease. This type of social proof can be powerful when used in the right way.

You can emulate that feeling on your marketing brochure as well, just like Helvetic Brands did above with their client list. Your list doesn’t have to be as exhaustive, a few examples will do the trick.

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#5 Company Profile Bi Fold Brochure Business

50+ Eye-opening a4 brochure design #brochureprofessional
source : www.examples.com

#6 Tri-fold Business Brochure Example

50+ Delight company brochure ideas #brochureforbusiness
source : www.examples.com

#7 Square Business Brochure Inspiration

50+ Astonishing it brochure design #brochureideas
source : www.examples.com

#8 Professional Clean Company Brochure for Business

50+ Brilliant layout brochure design template #brochuredesigns
source : www.examples.com

#9 Professional Design Company Brochure for Business

50+ Awesome creative corporate brochure design #brochurecompany
source : www.examples.com

#10 Real Estate Company Brochure Examples

50+ Spectacular technical brochure design #brochureprofessional
source : www.examples.com
50+ Marvelous new brochure design #brochureforbusiness
source : www.examples.com

50+ Unbelievable best corporate brochure design #brochureideas

Types of Brochures Business

  • Leave Behinds – This type of brochures are often used in sales calls or visits. This brochure will give as much information possible to entice the potential client.
  • Respond to Inquiry – This type of brochure is more specific to a target customer as the customer may already have shown the intent to buy. This is typically “reeling in the catch”.
  • Handouts – Handout brochures are the type that contain a lot of information about your company and your services or products. These have to be interesting as the target audience are total strangers to your company and products. There has to be balance in both graphic and text content as you do not want the reader to get bored reading or disinterested not to find enough facts.
  • Point of Sale – This is the type of real estate brochure given out during trade shows where they have to be very interesting. Since most of the participants in a trade show are passing by and looking at other booths as well, this brochure has to be eye catching and would serve as conversation starters to draw in potential customers.

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Brochure for Business Varieties

  • Single Sheet brochures – These are printed on a single sheet having both sides of the sheet printed. They are available in different fold arrangements:
    • Bi-fold is a single sheet brochure printed on both sides and folded into halves resulting into four printed panels
    • Tri-fold brochures are single-sheet brochures printed on both sides and folded into thirds with six printed panels
  • Booklet Brochures are advertising brochures made of multiple sheets often saddle-stitched, stapled, or perfect bound like a paper book with eight or more panels.
    • Double Parallel fold is a booklet brochure printed on both sides and folded into quarters in parallel with eight printed panels
    • French Fold is a booklet brochure printed on both sides and folded into quarters with eight printed panels

Example of a brochure for business now. Again, people are visual entities. Out of sight means out of mind. So the more visual cues we give on our brochures means the more chances of the customer actually remembering us. There are a lot of examples here that showcase the balance between graphic and text to make the brochure more interesting and fun to read.

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