#1 The Best Example of a Graphic Design Portfolio 2018

Example of a Graphic Design Portfolio 2018 – An online portfolio will make or break your design career. It’s your first impression and last touchpoint for potential employers and clients.

In fact, when you’ve built the perfect portfolio, you don’t have to worry about job interviews and references. According to a recent survey, the majority of executives consider your portfolio to be the most important factor during the hiring process.

It makes sense. Your online portfolio will speak for itself. It doesn’t stretch the truth and it doesn’t get a case of the jitters. It’s a showcase of your best work on a website that’s specifically designed for creative work. It should be easy to navigate, look stunning on all devices and be optimized for maximum image quality.

Example of a Graphic Design Portfolio 2018

At Format, we’ve seen some of the best design portfolios on the internet. They’re elegant, surprising and professional. Keep scrolling to see 20 design portfolios that will inspire you to create a new portfolio or update your existing website. From magazine directors with a distinctive style to freelancer designers who make everything and anything, here are 20 design portfolios you need to see.

1. Elise Eskanazi

source : www.format.com

French artistic director and designer Elise Eskanazi uses the homepage of her online portfolio to display a quick overview of her projects. Each project can then be viewed full-size in the Ora theme’s vertical scroll.

2. Kane O’Flaherty

source : www.format.com

Branding and packaging designer Kane O’Flaherty gives snapshots of complete projects using Peak theme. The simple sidebar navigation allows clients to quickly jump between examples of his work.

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3. Haley Koehn

source : www.format.com

By mixing gifs with stills, Haley Koehn uses Format’s Sierra theme to show off fashion-focused illustration projects. The clean design puts her work front and center.

4. Liam Moore

source : www.format.com

LA-based designer Liam Moore likes things that move, sparkle, light up, accelerate, rotate, illuminate and accentuate. He uses Format’s Monocle theme to show overviews of projects in a colorful square grid.

5. Rendie Studio

source : www.format.com

Rendie Studio’s portfolio reflects the tactile nature of their work. They use Format’s Sierra theme to display all their bright, colorful projects on the homepage, with the option to click through and views projects close up, as seen above. The studio’s website gives a sense for the texture of their materials, from paper to plasticine.

6. Milton Glaser

Milton Glaser’s portfolio website beautifully showcases this living legend’s vast body of work with a clean, airy interface and features some of his widely-referenced quotes.

Glaser and his multi-disciplinary design studio continue to produce outstanding work to this day, and this beautiful web design alone is a compelling case to click that contact button.

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7. David Carson

Carson’s famous “grunge” aesthetic is immediately recognizable in his portfolio website, which unlike most websites, uses horizontal scrolling. Visitors have to click on the bracket symbols or use the arrow keys to explore the website, which is has an infinite supply of striking design work for famous and no so famous clients alike.

8. Joshua Brewer

Formerly the head designer at Twitter, Joshua Brewer’s responsive portfolio website is an impressive example of the wonders he can do for businesses’ online presences without needing to showcase any other work.

9. Alan Fletcher

It doesn’t get any more clean and simple than design legend Alan Fletcher’s portfolio website. Also a co-founder of Pentagram, Fletcher has been named “the most highly regarded graphic designer of his generation” by the Daily Telegraph in his obituary in 2006.

10. Susan Kare

She’s famous for designing the original Macintosh icons, and hundreds of user interface graphics since then. Her work speaks for itself, and they make a fitting background for this famous icon designer’s portfolio website.

11. Ryan Scherf

This is a gorgeous portfolio website which you can use as an inspiration. This site has a lovely design with parallax effect and a large grid section to display the projects.

12. Miro Hristov

This is an exceptional portfolio website which has an eye-catching home page. The designer used an interactive layout which will definitely get your attention.

13. Björn Meier

Check out this creative website design which makes use of large, bold fonts to catch the visitors’ attention. It has fullscreen photos and subtle transitions.

14. Be thoughtful about what you include


Don’t grab everything you’ve ever created, snap a few photos and include it with a title. Set aside time to go through all of your pieces, exclude anything you’re not proud of or don’t think is your best work.

Liz Grant’s portfolio is clean, simple and beautiful. It isn’t overwhelming and is so easy to navigate.

“I’ve found that what you put in your portfolio for people to view, you get in return.So if you don’t want a certain type of client, don’t show that type of work in your portfolio. Also, show the best of what you have, you don’t need to show it all. People have short attention spans, especially on the web, so show your best first – don’t make them dig through tons of projects to find it,” says Grant.

15. Select only your strongest pieces


These are the projects you know were successful, got rave reviews and had good results. The agency Nowhere Famous highlights their strongest and most beautiful works in an in-your-face kind of way. They’re all so dramatic that you just want to click on each one! Stefan Lucut’s portfolio only shows a few pieces that show like a small gallery with lots of variety.


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