Let’s face it. Cake isn’t for everyone. As much as I love cake (and really every form of sugar for that matter!) I also love getting ‘non-traditional’ when it comes to wedding sugar! As with all things wedding, I always encourage my couples to think about each wedding item through the lens of their priorities, their style and their personalities. If you’re not a cake person, that’s okay! It’s all the more reason to get creative! And I’ve got a really great way to get creative today.

Once upon a time, candy bars came on the scene as an alternative to cake or favors. They make for a great way to have creative dessert at your wedding and everyone loves an edible favor- especially if they can customize their candy bag to their tastes. Since their arrival, they’ve expanded to be dessert bars, ranging from truffles to mini-pies, from donuts to build-your-own-cupcakes. The theory is still the same: show off who you are as a couple with what dessert you choose!

We are thrilled to share some gorgeous images provided by Candybar Couture in Beverly Hills, a creative team of designers and sweets stylists that work tirelessly to put together haute couture candy and dessert bars. To accompany these delectable photos, a lovely quote from Candybar Couture, “Our candy bar buffets are a feast for both the eyes and tastebuds, and always the talk of the party. We work with you to make sure every detail of your candy bar compliments your party effortlessly. Every bride is looking for that wow-factor at their wedding, and a candy bar does just that! It’s interactive entertainment that takes your party to another level. If I could personally give any advice to brides, it would be not to stress about the little things! You’ve been awaiting your day for a while, and you should enjoy every minute! Here at Candybar Couture we take care of everything for you.”

Here are some ways to incorporate the wedding candy bar of your dreams, with stunning examples by Candybar Couture!

Hollywood Star Luncheon: luncheon for Sophia Vergara celebrating her star on Hollywood Boulevard. Candy Bar: Candybar Couture | Planning & Design: Mindy Weiss | Table & Floral: Clarissa Rezende and Monica Rezende Flores | Design & Rentals: Revelry Event Design | Rentals: Casa De Perrin | Venue: Mr. C Beverly Hills

Tell a Color Story

Are you absolutely in love with your color palette? Candy and dessert come in incredible varieties of color, texture and patterns. As you can see, just doting on these incredible images, I am reminded just how many beautiful options there are! Endless!

Color was the very first way candy bars made a splash at events. It was such a great way to make a statement with color and in displaying beautiful florals and decor within the color scheme. I don't think it gets old! Especially when you do it in such a way that fits your wedding personality.

You can also tell a flavor story with color. Think about it, there are so many colors that have a flavor association! I love the display below-- don't you hope this table is filled with amazing and unique lemon combinations?

Birthday Bash: birthday party for Sophia Vergara at her estate. Candy Bar: Candybar Couture | Table & Floral: Clarissa Rezende | Design & Rentals: Revelry Event Design |

Luxe Linen Launch Party | Candy Bar: Candybar Couture | Photography: Krista Mason Photography | Floral Design & Backdrop: Clarissa Rezende | Design & Rentals: Revelry Event Design | Linens: LUXE Event Linen | Venue: Vibiana | China: Dish Wish

Plain Old Pretty

Without getting carried away with color or with a specific theme, you can just take your beautiful, lovely, down-right pretty wedding design, and extend your dessert bar with it! Think of this area as the eye-candy of your reception-- and guests will be sure to thank you for the delicious offerings!

Let your floral design run right into the dessert and let your decor embrace the beautiful elements you're already incorporating in your day. It can be a fluid extension of your elegant reception, with elegant presentation of sugar. Just don't make it too pretty to eat!

Theme in the Spotlight

If you have a specific theme or focus of your day, maybe like the fabulous Farmer's Market display above, go all in and make it take the spot light. (Well, the other spotlight, the one you're not in!)

Guests love to interact, they love to be stimulated and to have something to talk about! Give them something to talk about! Get creative, bold and imaginative. Highlight something unique about the two of you, how you met, or a local sensation. Be it your heritage or your culture, there are limitless ways to show off your love, in this way, you can say it with sugar!

Safari Party for Rachel Zoe | Candy Bar: Candybar Couture | Design: Clarissa Rezende | Florals: Monica Rezende Florals | Cake: Sweet Lady Jane

Location, Location, Location!

Maybe the venue you've picked for your wedding is the iconic piece to your wedding: the defining thing everyone will remember your wedding day by.

Architecture, local culture, landscape, agriculture, decade of design, etc. could all be the influence and inspiration you need to make your candy bar dreamy. And don't forget about tastes! Guests love to experience things you love or things to love about the location you're in. Don't be afraid of coconut in the tropics, grape/wine in wine country, apple in autumn, you get it. Embrace the location, the local landscape and the bounty of where you've chosen to get married.

One thing I love about candy and dessert bars is that they can embrace, and carry out, a theme. I don't mean theme in the cheesy, overdone, roll-your-eyes, Sweet 16 party kind of way! Themes can easily be a distraction when done poorly, but in reality, every wedding has a theme. Whether it's embracing a garden feel, highlighting the historic venue you're in, an iconic style, your love of chicken and waffles, or simply showing off your obsession with gingham, you likely have a theme.

I love to use the design concept of taking one area to showcase your theme, like a wedding candy bar. That way you give a visual focal point to impress upon your guests the theme in a tasteful way, and then you can take the theme and subtly string it throughout your day. Think of it as an opportunity to show off unique characteristics about your relationship, heritage, culture or interests. It lets the guests get to know you better and give them something to remember you by.

I hope you've been inspired by these ga-ga-gorgeous candy bar displays. (P.S. I can't believe I'm writing this during a 21-day fix! Total torture!) As always, I am your cheerleader and encourager for you to get out-of-the-box with your dessert-- just make sure you have it! Something about celebrating the sweetness of marriage that can only be matched by sensational sugar and a glass of champagne!

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